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Environmentally Friendly

We are an Environmentally Friendly Bed & Breakfast

We care about our environment and do everything we can to preserve it. Being environmentally friendly is important to us.

2014 has been a year of many changes for Rutherford House Bed and Breakfast so far, and we have taken our “Green”policy just that little bit further.

This winter we embarked upon replacing our tired old drafty kitchen with a brand new more eco-friendly one. We replaced the old sash and case windows that were single glazed with a more modern double glazed version. We have replaced the frames with new sustainable timber with a double glazed glass with low heat emission. They use a unique drought proofing system with up to 24mm British standard kite mark units giving you a very low U value of 1.1 for the double glazed unit itself and an overall U value of 1.5 helping prevent heat loss.

We have also changed the way we cook and have gone from a ceramic heating hob to an induction range. Induction cooking is one of the least wasteful ways of cooking

Induction Cooking is a super efficient way to cook, as it’s faster and does not require preheating as heat is delivered instantly. There is less wasted heat as induction only heats the pan. The kitchen also benefits from being a cooler environment to work in and therefore requires little ventilation, which also saves energy.

As soon as a pan is lifted off the induction hob, the heat stops straight away and the hob will switch off automatically, saving energy and improving safety.


Along with the new kitchen we have installed a new Eco-Friendly Bio-Mass heating system.

We have been very excited watching it all come together over the past few months, from ground works through to erection of a timber housing shed, and finally “Switch On”! This will allow us to burn a more environmental fuel, wood pellets which are a sustainable fuel, to heat the bed and breakfast and keep you nice and warm:)
We used a local company Pentland Biomass to install our new system and have been delighted with their works. They are a local family run business who had a lot of experience in this field and guided us along the process:)

Environmentally Friendly Bed & Breakfast

In keeping with our “Eco friendly” policy we are very excited to be adding a new Bio-Mass boiler system to the house this winter. Can’t wait until it’s all installed and up and running!
We re-cycle everything that we can from glass to paper, have compost bins for all food waste which we then use in the garden, encourage guests to re-cycle towels (unless they are soiled),we will dry them on a daily basis and return them to your room, we launder our napkins daily and re-use, use refillable toiletries, hang laundry out to dry as much as possible, use free-range eggs, organic farm assured sausages and bacon, and our bread is made locally from organic flour with no additives.
We also do not use individually wrapped cereals, jams, or yoghurt’s. Most of the jams we serve are home-made and we use organic yoghurt, both of which are served in dishes which are washed and re-used. We also have refillable glass bottles of water in each guest room, so no plastic wastage here! Fresh flowers are composted after wilting. We have energy efficient light bulbs in all guest and public rooms (excluding kitchen and bathrooms as these have halogens)